Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OpenSuse 12.1 and Tumbleweed vs ArchLinux, part 2

Here is the rest of my short comparison:

Package updates Very often, about every day Rare.Tumbleweed repo is
updated more often,though.
Comunity support Large and friendly Very large
I want a customized iso? You can build it yourself with
Archiso. It is not so easy,
but doable :) You will find it very powerful

Use Suse Studio
It is a mater of some clicks and voila.
Customization is very limited and
Package Management is like a hell
There is also kiwi (like archiso).
I haven't tried yet.
ARM support Yes, see ArchlinuxArm Yes, but there are limited support
with Kiwi builder and no support
with Suse Studio

That's all. I think I will stick with ArchLinux for a while as it is more powerful and more customizeable. And I will try to create a separate repo, keeping packages for about a 3 or 6 monts for stability, and only applying patches, if needed at all. Just like Canonical made Ubuntu :)

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