Saturday, January 21, 2012

OpenSuse 12.1 and Tumbleweed vs ArchLinux, part 1

Today I will compare side by side two of my favorite distros : ArchLinux (current) and openSuse 12.1. Both of them are fast and have quite recent software packages. There are many differences, though. Read them all

Linux Kernel3.2.13.1 (3.2.1 available as update in Tumbleweed)
Boot speed
(Compaq 610)
very fast,
under 20s to KDM
comparable fast,
about 20s
Package managerPacman
there are several GUI
haven't tested yet
zypper, rpm,
there is YAST GUI, not so nice, though
RepositoriesCentral repos + AUR
all in one place
Central repos + various OBS
There is also a Packman repo,
containing most closed source packages, also
Tumbleweed and more. All in all,
very bad design; There is web interface
to OBS, which helps at some point;
If a package
does not exists in
You can create user package
very easily and build it yourself
via mapkepkg command

There is OBS, and as I said,
with web interface,
OBS has very often downtimes
and failures, though.
Despite this, OBS is great,
you can build a package
(like kernel)very quickly in the cloud
saving your own machine
Settngs utility
Mostly none, all is done by hand in various config files YAST - for most of people
(including my boss :)
it is perfect configuration tool
I dont like the way it looks,
openSuse devs could make it better

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