Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The long way to AmeLinux

AmeLinux is my idea for Arch Linux based distro. AME is acronym for Arch Made Easy. In the begining this was only a project for MacOSX like Desktop environment - AnticoDeluxe (see herehere and my old blog). I can not continue coding for this project, but I will start a new rewrite very soon.

So, AnticoDeluxe grew into idea for Linux Distrobution, based on ArchLinux.

What I need to do for accomplish it? Well, there are so many things to do. But let begin one by one:

1. I need a webhosting for distro home page + domain registration
2. I need a good web designer or well looking web template, (free if possible)
3. GIT based repo for ABS (what is ABS - Arch Build System)
4. Place for binary repo
5. Optional one or two more volunteers
6. Decision about main programming language, C++, Java or C#/Mono, all with Qt bindings
6. A good Desktop and Applications design line

What first ? eh ?

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