Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My new project: easy application Installer for Linux

I was playing recently with Qt4, trying to iprove my skills and to create a really useful program - an application installer. Here is screenshot of what I've done.

I really like how Mac OSX installers look and I was inspired of them. And I strongly beleive that the installing an application sould be strightforward and simple process, that does not require any special skills nor root (admin) privileges.
Also, installed program should looks like a single file, or icon, and installer must hide any required libraries, dependencies etc.
What is required should be installed transparently.

Currently the work is in progress. Planned features are:
- Comprehensive ini file, describing the install process
- separate Bundle maker
- Drag application icon and drop it anywere at user's choice
- Beautiful graphics
- Applications should be bundled with all required libraries.
- Installer should detect the most famous Linux distros and do not install some libraries if they are preinstalled by default - Qt in Kubuntu for example.
- Installed application should check the internet (preferably the bundle  packager site) for newer versions available and offer the user to upgrade them.
- All application's binaries shoud by digitaly signed from packager
- Altough it is not shown on the picture, there must be an icon for Licence description file

If you are interested in and want to get involved, feel free to contact me.

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