Saturday, June 30, 2012

New C# Qt bindings package for Archlinux

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Assemblygen is brand new Qt4 binding for Mono C#. It aims to be more effective on signals / slots mechanism and is more C# friendly at all.

C# (eg. Mono) is not very popular in Linux these days. I don't know why. I think it is a powerful language with very bright future (especially in embeded or small sized devices), just like Java is.

And here is my small contribution about - an Archlinux package. To be honest, this is my first package I ever uploaded un AUR. Hope it is useful.

Here is how to install it under Archlinux or derivatives:

yaourt -S assemblygen-git

In case you have no yaourt installed, just download the package from here and build it. In this case you also need two more packages made by me:

smokegen-git and smokeqt-git.

And here is my first test program using C# and assemblygen, hope it will become a text editor some day:

using System;
using Qyoto;

namespace TextEd
public class MainClass : QMainWindow
    public QTextEdit editor;
    public MainClass(QWidget parent) : base(parent)
        this.MenuBar = new QMenuBar();
        this.CentralWidget = editor;
        Resize(600, 400);
    protected override void OnCloseEvent (QCloseEvent arg1)
        Console.WriteLine("on close event");  
        base.OnCloseEvent (arg1);
    private void SetupEditor()
        editor = new QTextEdit();
    public static int Main(String[] args)
        var a = new QApplication(args);
        MainClass w = new MainClass(null);
        return 0;

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