Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google Search is dying or why SEO is ineffective and faulty

First of all, I have to say I'm not a professional nor SEO expert, I'm just a human seeing things not visible for Google bots but obvious for others. And there I will expose my own thoughts and opinions and nothing more.

So, let me say it again: Google Search Engine is dying. There are serious evidences about bots being unable to understand web content and start complain.

"Duplicated content in your site, the page A has the same contents as page B, prioritize it for best indexing" .... what the heck is it. People often like to say something twice or more times. So what? Is it really duplicated content? No, it is not! I could say this is "same content in different context" or just "same content". And I really don't mind about prioritizing such pages. The pages are same, the bot must choose one and forget about other, not complain. This is really smart bot and Google claim to have such bots... or not?

This is really big questions. Does Google have smart bots or they just can not manage modern web contents as Google claims.

Does the people really need such (smart and mighty) search engine. Todays the people are often inclined to share their contents to friends, not searching for web contents. Put simply, just because there are no accurate evaluation of web content. At least for now. Why news spreading sites are so "SEO optimized". More often the content stream is not valuable information for more than of small group (1000~10000~100000) of people. Being that a simple true, SEO is just a cheap trick for money earning experts claiming they will make your site appear at first position in Google search results. People share the interesting content outside the mighty net bots limits. They speak each other, they write a recommendations (in a billion different ways), they draw a picture, etc. If web content is not interesting or valuable, there is no web bot being able to point people to it.  You can say, people often click on one of the first 10 results. Yes, this is true, and I can say people are often disappointed from the content they are seeing.

Another frustrating thing: is different from (if there are no redirection) for Google.  But it is not different for me. What the stupid bot you are to not know or learn about such idioms. This is same if someone call me Mr. John Smith or just Jhon Smith. People already know that, but machines not. This is another reason Google is going to die in the modern web.
Another example:  and (note the trailing slash).
Google often complain this is duplicated content. How stupid. It is same if my wife call to me ending with "darling" or "honey". No difference, I already know it is a word (or call) about me and not complain. SEO experts told you "removing railing slash is Search engine optimization" and I believe they cheat you. If I'm going to write a search engine, I will certainly implement such a smartness in my bots.
I don't know why Google does not implement it. But I believe it will lead to Google death in web search race.

Thats all for now, late I will continue with my humble opinions and thoughts about web searches.

Google is dying.... long live the web.

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