Sunday, April 15, 2012

AmeLinux alpha1, for braveman only

Hello folks, today I'm proud to announce the AmeLinux alpha1, based on OpenSuse and built with Suse Studio. You can download the is from here, and please, rate it and share the link for your friends too.

What's inside?
Well, KDE 4.8 only, but you will be surprised to know the Linix kernel is of version 3.3, there are broadcom-wl drivers, ATI/AMD drivers are built and waiting for uploading... and distrobution uses Tumbleweed repos by default. There is default wallpaper and Androbit plasma theme preinstalled. Currently, in this alpha version I can not set 'em for live user, will fix it in some future version. You can select in KDE control panel, though.
If you want to give it a try, you can write it to USB stick using simple command (as root):

sudo dd if=AmeLinux.x86_64-0.0.10.iso of=/dev/sdX
where X is a letter of your USB stick.
The iso is installable too, and all you will get is fresh Tumbleweed OpenSuse, maintained by me and large OpenSuse community.

I maintain a Tumbleweed repo for some packages as well, and many more will be addeed soon. The repo is here.
Building Live CD with Suse Studio is extremely easy, but there are some catches when dealing with repository priorities. I implement a post-install script to fix that. The AmeOS repo is now with priority of 80, then is Kde 4.8 repo and so on.

Thats all, hope you will like it.
Please let me know about any bugs or suggestions and imrovements.

PS. Currently GNOME 3.2+ edition is baking.


  1. What is the root password to install it from the live cd?

  2. The passwords are in download page:
    User Password
    root linux
    tux linux