Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to install Gnome Cinnamon in OpenSuse

Gnome Cinnamon is a Gnome-Shell like desktop environment, that resembles Gnome2 wery well. Originally it started with Linux Mint. Currently at version 1.4 it is available to install for OpenSuse users too.

for OpenSuse 12.1 users : Click to install
for OpenSuse Tumbleweed (like me) : Click to install

One of the most exciting features in Cinnamon is an old-school styled panel with task switcher. I personally prefer it over Gnome-Shell task switching style as it is more fast. Another is Expose like tiling, which is not so handy if you have panel task switcher.

Unfortunatelly, Cinnamon 1.4 has serious design error with start menu, which I found very ugly; Also, there is a memory leak when you use Expose like tiling.

This is after a half hour of work - memory footprint started from 82-85Mib and grows every time I use Expose. Sorry, not for me, at least not now.
If that bug is fixed soon, I will give a try again.

Edit: The memory leak is also addressed here, and while I'm writing this, th memory footprint went at 122Mib. Too bad.